Applying Carbon to Boost Your Performance

Over the years, Index Krown has been adopting and developing new ways of making boards in order to provide greater performance for surfers. The technologies are only offered in the Epoxy option without Stringer.

Após escolher o seu modelo, selecione EPS sem longarina e adicione sua tecnologia!

  • Black Fish

    Feita inteiramente de carbono, essa tecnologia oferece muita resistência e peso reduzido.

    Por ser um material mais rígido, o carbono faz com que a prancha reaja mais rápido e ganhe velocidade sem perder estabilidade.


    Carbon is the stiffest material used in surfboard construction. Carbon providing more speed and faster flexion return, in other words, the famous slingshot. With the entire carbon deck, the board is much more resistant, lighter and agile!

    During the WSL QS at Praia Mole in Floripa, young athlete Mateus Sena was featured aboard his Yoroi with a carbon deck!

    Narrators, commentators and interviewers noticed the harmony between surfer and board. Several times during the broadcast, his board was mentioned as different from the others.

    Below are two videos that demonstrate how much Yoroi impressed everyone!

  • Arrow 2.0

    This technology inherited all of Arrow's functionalities and continues to deliver enormous gains in projection.
    The traditional wooden stringer is replaced by double central carbon webs, on the deck and at the bottom of the board.
    The weave on the deck ends a little before the place where we glue the grip pad (deck), which makes the tail a little more flexible compared to the first Arrow technology. With this system it is possible to have a linear projection of speed similar to that of an arrow bow, in which with each pressure made to increase speed, the board is projected forward with a performance of 20% more than a traditional stringer.


    The New inherited the characteristics of the Flex System, but became a little more skittish, making it an excellent option for waves.
    This technology allows the board to become much more flexible and loose, making it ideal for short and quick maneuvers. The system is made up of parabolas that are located along the bottom of the board and deck. The operation of this system occurs in two moments: the first occurs with the effect of the parabola that projects the board with much greater speed; the second occurs due to the way in which the carbon is distributed in the center of the board, allowing, in addition to gaining speed, a greater twist of the board with each dig.


    Focus on endurance and speed. Through research carried out in partnership with the manufacturer of our fabrics, we developed a new fiberglass that combines the most resistant longitudinally, the most resistant carbon transversely and Kevlar (material used in bulletproof vests). and helmets). While the fiber provides greater projection and speed, the carbon on the edges provides a system of parabolas that protects the board, significantly increasing its resistance against impacts.


    Unlike previous systems, this technology moves the focus from the central spar and moves the propulsion system to the edges of the board through a bidirectional carbon distribution. This architecture allows for the parabola effect, as soon as the carbon is compressed it distributes the compression along the edges of the board, facilitating a higher speed projection than traditional wood.

Raw Material for Laminating Your Board

Over the years, Index Krown has been adopting and developing new ways of making boards in order to provide greater performance for surfers.


Epoxy is the preferred raw material for surfers who are ready to improve their surfing level. Compared to PU blocks, Epoxy blocks offer superior durability, buoyancy, lightness and power. The blocks are made of Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) and coated with Epoxy resin. EPS foam is less susceptible to dents and warping, making them ideal for surfers who want a long-lasting board. Index Krown customers can choose between having an Epoxy board with a stringer (wooden) or without a stringer. The technology options described on this page are offered in conjunction with stringerless Epoxy, including carbon fiber in the board for better performance.

  • We, passionate about the sea, surfers, nature lovers and defenders of our planet, are proud to present the first ecological surfboard in Brazil. A board that is more than just a fun instrument; It is a manifesto of sustainability, innovation and respect for the environment.

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  • PU Blue

    It is the foam that offers the greatest resistance to compression. Made with the "SUPERWHITE" formula from SURFBLANKS Australia, it has powerful solar filters and a closed cell, its raw material is based on phenolic resin.

  • PU Light

    Similar to PU Blue, but with a better weight-to-resistance ratio, as well as easier shaping.

  • PU PRO

    Lighter block, being made of polyurethane, but laminated with epoxy resin and carbon spar. Super resistant, light and perfect block for high performance athletes

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