In 1983, Index Krown Surfboards was born, a company from Rio Grande do Sul with a global reach that focuses on performance and quality. Their mission is to offer high-tech rockets for all types of surfers.

    Gilberto Nogueira, shaper and founder of the company, is an engineer passionate about perfection and details. He has been dedicated to the art of shaping boards for over 27 years, initially manually and today through the most diverse production technologies.


    The surfboard factory is located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Due to the search for perfection in its products, several product and process researches are carried out abroad to guarantee the quality of the final product. All products offered are test results. The factory has international standard shaping machines and quality raw materials.


    Index Krown has been living a dream since its founding, bringing together people of all ages to experience surfing. Today the company is present in more than 15 countries.


    Several athletes and professionals involved in the surfing market have joined the family that we describe as Team Index, a team of people passionate about the brand who represent it around the world. In addition to winning championships, the team constantly provides feedback on the boards and helps the brand grow around the world.

    This mix of passion for surfing and technology is what drives Index Krown.

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If you are in doubt, contact us and we will help you choose the perfect model for your surfing level!